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Wrist Bluetooth Speaker Looks Like A Watch

Shenzhen LS Technology Co.Ltd | Updated: Aug 25, 2017

Friends of the elderly at home must have encountered such a situation: the phone rings when the old man because of a moment can not find the location of the phone or action is slow and very anxious to get the phone when the other has been hung up, even now the elderly mobile phone function The more perfect, the problem is still inevitable. A company designed a smart Bluetooth speaker that could be worn on the wrist.

This smart Bluetooth speaker looks like a watch, it is connected through the Bluetooth phone, when there is a call, it can immediately ring a loud ring, just press the button to answer the phone. In addition, the body is also equipped with a microphone. Very suitable for the elderly to answer the phone to use.

This device can also be used as a speaker, but if you use it to listen to music, then the effect is not very good, the fuselage only one button, can be used to switch machine, answer the phone and Bluetooth pairing, but can not control the volume of music and Pause playback.

The advantage of this device can be worn on the wrist, easy to use the elderly, do not have to call the phone can not immediately find trouble.

Smart watch has now become a very familiar product. But can be worn on the wrist is not necessarily a smart watch, there may be a small speaker. It can be connected to the user's Bluetooth phone, and even can directly play the music inside the phone.

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