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Wrist Bluetooth Speaker Jointly Promote The Market

Shenzhen LS Technology Co.Ltd | Updated: Jul 31, 2017

Many manufacturers have now entered the field of wearable equipment, Wrist Bluetooth Speaker and jointly promote the market. Recently, a product known as a wearable speaker was born, Wrist Bluetooth Speaker its name is Jambanz Bluetooth Wristband Speaker, in short, is the Bluetooth wristband speaker.

Jambanz plays the same function as most "portable speakers", Wrist Bluetooth Speaker and is more portable, as long as the same as the watch on the wrist can be. To some extent, it combines the characteristics of wearable equipment and portable devices, but it is more inclined to the latter,Wrist Bluetooth Speaker the user can play music at any time, whether out of the house or long-distance travel.

Jambanz wristphones built-in Bluetooth technology, through Bluetooth and the rest of the same Bluetooth equipped with the equipment, including iPhone and Android smart phones, Wrist Bluetooth Speaker tablet PCs or laptops, etc., the function is relatively simple, in addition to wireless music , Can only be used to show off. Of course, the user does not have to wear in the hands, but also can be tied to the backpack, Wrist Bluetooth Speaker bike, skateboard or musical instruments.

Today, the appearance of wearing equipment to a large extent determine the user's good and bad product evaluation, so Jambanz wristbands speaker also spent a lot of thought on the design. Wrist Bluetooth Speaker The overall use of a very retro style design, just like the 90's just the rise of the toy watch, with silicone material strap with colorful shell pattern, rich color selection, including orange red, green, Wrist Bluetooth Speaker blue, gray and black And so on, suitable for all kinds of dress up, the official offer wristbands and speakers with free, optional fashion or retro style.

Jambanz wristbands speaker has been sold, Wrist Bluetooth Speaker the official offer for 30 dollars, about 180 yuan or so, the speaker also provides a 3.5mm audio access port, support AUX audio access, built-in lithium battery through the micro USB interface to charge The

1, the default boot into the Bluetooth state, Wrist Bluetooth Speaker voice prompts for Bluetooth connectivity, and Bluetooth after the voice prompts Bluetooth connected (Bluetooth connection and turn on time for 3 seconds);

2, voice prompts do not provide Chinese and English switch, Wrist Bluetooth Speaker the normal production for the English, Chinese tips to be customized (500 from);

3, Ankai Bluetooth module for Bluetooth 2.1, connected to the distance of 10M

4, support back to the connection, that is, Wrist Bluetooth Speaker after the Bluetooth connection, such as leaving the Bluetooth receiver distance or shutdown off, once again returned to the Bluetooth receiver distance or Bluetooth is turned on, the Bluetooth automatically re-connected;

5, voice hands-free calls, call the effect is good, Wrist Bluetooth Speaker call signal stability, clear, no delay, continuous line, no echo (power needs adequate, lack of electricity may be unstable situation);

6, pause and play function: by playing the pause button (speaker on the ring circle) control, Wrist Bluetooth Speaker while the specific call answering and hang up function;

7, the machine can be selected song function (through the volume plus or minus the previous song and the next song selection, AUX function can not be selected under the state)

8, the volume increases or decreases, when the volume is transferred to the maximum sound when there are voice prompts;

9,10, low power voice prompts: three tips, Wrist Bluetooth Speaker the last time Tip: power is too low, Wrist Bluetooth Speaker now shut down!

11, uniform call signal;

12, pause / play key indicator light, Wrist Bluetooth Speaker specifically: A unassigned when the blue light / green light alternately flashing; B. paired after the success of the blue light slow flash; C. Wrist Bluetooth Speaker card status is green; D charge Red light, electric full after the lights off;

13, LINE_IN function (currently only supports the computer LINE_IN), need to press the M key to switch;

15, low power consumption:

16, radio: switch to the radio mode, press the pause key to search Taiwan (radio function to be customized, 500 from)

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