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Sports Water Bottle Saving Materials

Shenzhen LS Technology Co.Ltd | Updated: Oct 17, 2017

Water is the source of life, water and human survival is the same, Sports Water Bottle outdoor travel water is the most important replenishment, mention the importance of water has to mention water containers-water cups, you can choose according to the classification of cups suitable for their own water cups.

The plastic water cup probably uses the material basically is the polyester and so on similar PC product or the PS material. General plastic thermos flask manufacturers often refer to the words without BPA. Metal cups are generally divided into stainless steel water cups and Titanium series water cups. The metal water cup is characterized by strong durability, Titanium series of water cup interpretation, light. Sports Water Bottle There are currently related to the Titanium series of water cups brand has fire maple, the kitchen Demon Division, Keith and so on.

Thermos Cup on the market often see the material is stainless steel, heat preservation or cooling effect is basically through a high vacuum to achieve, Sports Water Bottle here to mention a small series of individuals think that the insulation performance is good for Stanley;

The ordinary cup is characterized by easy operation and use. Sports Water Bottle The main features of the Shrink Cup are convenient to carry, which can save the space of the backpack effectively, and there are also metal and plastic folding cups on the market.

According to the opening design of the cup is generally divided into built-in plug fixed and outsourced cap fixed. Outsourced CAP Rotary fixed cup more suitable for family leisure travel or city Travel Cup design, Sports Water Bottle it is actually divided into two inside and outside the lid, the outsourcing of the bottle is basically used as a small cup, inside the lid is basically built-in rotary fixed, some brands in the built-in lid on the use of pressure-type open way.

Sports kettle material for pure aluminum, Sports Water Bottle China as a large country of aluminum products, product range, in the selection of materials, the various manufacturers have different, many domestic kettle brand use purity of 99.5% pure aluminum, but the actual situation is not so, and even most manufacturers use recycled aluminum.

Another factor is the wall thickness of the kettle, Sports Water Bottle and the wall thickness of the general sports Kettle is 0.7mm. Because the general consumer is difficult to distinguish sports kettle wall thickness, some manufacturers in order to reduce costs, will be opportunistic will kettle wall thickness to reduce the use of materials, some manufacturers even reduce the wall thickness to 0.5mm. A visual impression of the thickness of a kettle's wall is that if you compare it in your hand, the weight of the kettle with thin wall thickness will be lighter.

If the sports kettle chooses the aluminum material to be not high purity, or the wall thickness jerry-building, in the use, it is easy because of the collision or falls down and sunken, break even burst. General sports kettle Selection of aluminum purity of the higher, Sports Water Bottle wall thickness standards, sports kettle strength and toughness will be better, the ability to resist collisions and impact is stronger. Of course, the better the quality, the cost and price will be correspondingly improved。

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