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Desktop Speaker Working Principle

Shenzhen LS Technology Co.Ltd | Updated: Jun 14, 2017

Desktop Speaker The loudspeaker has many kinds, but its basic working principle is similar, is one kind converts the electrical signal to the sound signal to replay the component. At present, Desktop Speaker the most widely used is the electric loudspeaker, which consists of vibrating film, Desktop Speaker voice coil, permanent magnet, bracket, etc.

When the sound coil of the loudspeaker is in the audio current, Desktop Speaker the sound coil generates alternating magnetic field under the action of the current, and the permanent magnet also produces a constant magnetic field with invariable size and direction. Since the size and direction of the magnetic field generated by the sound coil are constantly changing with the change of the audio current, such two magnetic fields interact to make the sound coil perpendicular to the current direction of the movement, because the voice coil and vibrating film connected, thus driving the vibrating film to produce vibration, from the vibration of the vibrating film vibration caused by the air vibration and sound. The greater the current of the input ring, the greater the force of the magnetic field, the greater the amplitude of the vibrating film, and the Louder the sound. The part of the speaker's treble is mainly in the center of the vibrating film, and the more the central material of the loudspeaker vibrating film is, Desktop Speaker the better the sound effect of its replay will be. The loudspeaker emits the bass part mainly in the vibrating film edge, if the loudspeaker's vibrating film edge is softer and the paper basin caliber is bigger, the loudspeaker emits the bass effect the better. In addition, the ball-top speakers in the recent market in the speakers used a lot. As you know, Desktop Speaker treble speakers because of the high frequency of their work, in the playback of the treble when the diaphragm in the permanent magnet of the magnetic path of the high-speed movement, so require the treble speaker of the diaphragm can be a rapid response to high-frequency signal. And can withstand high-speed movement of the air pressure, so for the production of vibrating film materials require light quality, and have enough strength.

As early as 80 years ago, Electro Voice has been a handful of manufacturers who can design and manufacture speaker units at the same time, as the core part of the loudspeaker, Desktop Speaker the quality of the drive unit determines the performance of the loudspeaker as a whole, and EV ensures the highest level of every a factory drive units. At the same time, Ev also attaches great importance to the coordination between the box and speaker units, by fully understanding the autonomous design and manufacture of speaker units, Desktop Speaker EV development of each speaker in the box and unit to achieve the best balance.

Jong Nder 2 High-energy, compact neodymium Magnet High frequency drive Jen-Ev today's most versatile high-frequency drive, designed to be extremely lightweight, Desktop Speaker but provides long-lasting high frequency response. Aluminum radiators can quickly dissipate heat, resulting in stronger power handling and greater output. Desktop Speaker The thickness is only 0. The 5mm (0.002 inch) titanium vibrating film not only has excellent reliability, but also can accurately reflect the small changes, and the high magnetic flux of neodymium magnetic steel structure brings higher sensitivity.

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