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Desktop Speaker The Role Of

Shenzhen LS Technology Co.Ltd | Updated: May 31, 2017

Desktop Speaker Consider the first few points:

It is necessary to consider the influence of the temperature rise of the sound coil on the direct resistance over time, which will affect the actual input power. is equivalent to a negative feedback.

The air flow has a great effect on temperature rise. Desktop Speaker However, it is difficult to simulate the dynamic coupling air flow of loudspeaker structure. Can only make a rough estimate, qualitative semi-quantitative calculation.

There is a thermal equivalent circuit model for loudspeakers, but it is necessary to have a prototype test to fit the parameters.

Accurate simulations require coupling of electric fields, magnetic fields, Desktop Speaker thermal fields, structural mechanics, flow fields, etc. The sound coil is the main heat source, the temperature rise in turn will cause the sound coil to rise, thus affecting the heating power. The inductive current in the magnetic circuit is secondary heat source (metal parts, including T-iron, splint, short-circuit ring and so on will produce Eddy current, generate secondary heat source), and the frequency of electrical signal excitation and so on. The sound coil (heat source) moves up and down, the vibrating film also follows the movement, the air also participates in the forced convection.

Because the temperature is not particularly high, the effect of thermal radiation is relatively small with heat convection and heat transfer. For the Speaker thermal simulation, Desktop Speaker generally can be ignored.

In fact, do not understand the finite element software also does not matter, learn some of the basic knowledge of finite element, to solve work will encounter such as stress concentration. Frequency response curve Peak Valley analysis and other problems are also helpful. To prevent the pure conjecture without purpose. Of course, the use of Klippel scanner or Polytec laser vibration tester is also considerable. Desktop Speaker The analysis result is more reliable than the finite element, and can be used to calibrate the finite element model.

The simulation of drop is quite complicated. It is worth mentioning that, the Solidworks simulation module, Comsol to this problem is basically no solution. Desktop Speaker Even with the results, the credibility is fairly low. Use an explicit dynamic module such as Ansys or Abaqus.

For explicit dynamics, interested friends can learn about themselves. Car collision simulation and fall is similar, is highly non-linear, contact time is very short.

The simulation analysis of riveting can be used to optimize the riveting edge of the riveting basin frame/front splint (Hua Si), how to make the riveting force maximum.

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