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Desktop Speaker Solution

Shenzhen LS Technology Co.Ltd | Updated: Jun 27, 2017

Desktop speaker no sound solution one:

The place of the joints is unstable!

How to explain the specific drive is not good, Desktop Speaker that is, you have the same graphics card graphics card driver, but also with the sound card.

Right click on my computer - attribute - device manager, Desktop Speaker see <sound, video and game controller> is not there a question mark.

Desktop speaker no sound solution two:

If there is no sound for no reason:

1. Check the "Start" - "Settings" - "" Control Panel "-" Sound and Audio Devices "to see if it is muted, or the volume is too small.

2. Check the "Start" - "Settings" - "" Control Panel "-" System "-" Device Manager "in the sound card is working properly (that is, whether the driver is installed correctly).

3. Does your sound card support SPDIF output, Desktop Speaker if it is then you choose SPDIF output, and the speaker does not support, there will be no sound.

4. If there is no problem above, click "Start" - "Run", type DXDIAG in the dialog box. In the pop-up window, select "Sound" and "Music" to test separately. What is the test result?

Computer silent solution: there are two kinds of solutions to repair the system and install the sound card driver (first look at the small speakers or in the control panel to see if you set the mute, Desktop Speaker through the headset to check whether there is sound output, if there is

It is the speaker or speaker and the connection caused by the failure, Desktop Speaker there is a sound card driver caused by damage, if it is to install the appropriate sound card driver, if it is caused by hardware problems, they can not solve, it is recommended to repair, Desktop Speaker Have questions please ask me)

1, boot press F8 do not move to the advanced options appear in the let go, select the "last time the correct configuration" carriage return repair (this method can restore the original driver, if your computer is Win8, Desktop Speaker can not enter the system can not enter the safe mode ,Desktop Speaker Only reloaded).

2, if it is due to update driver caused by the failure, Desktop Speaker right click on my computer election properties, select the device manager to find the driver right-click Properties / above the driver options / select the following return to the driver options press OK (if you can enter the safe mode , Also boot by F8).

3, if the fault persists, restore the system or reinstall.

Use the system comes with the system to restore the method:

System Restore: "Start" / "Programs" / "Accessories" / "System Tools" / "System Restore", click "Restore my computer to an earlier time", press the next step, Desktop Speaker you will See the date page with a dark date

That is, restore point, you choose, Desktop Speaker click Next to restore (Win78 restore system, Desktop Speaker right click on the computer selection properties, Desktop Speaker select the right side of the system protection, system restore, according to the steps to do it. Desktop Speaker If you have to restore the software, you can restore the repair) The

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