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Desktop Speaker No Sound

Shenzhen LS Technology Co.Ltd | Updated: Aug 25, 2017

Desktop computer speakers no sound how to solve

1, check the sound card, cable, and speakers and other equipment is connected to normal. If it is in the virus, it should run anti-virus software for a comprehensive anti-virus.

2, open the control panel ---- add new hardware ---- the next step, after the search is completed, click "No, I have not added this hardware", point after the next step. In the dialog box that appears, select "Click Finish, turn off no computers, restart to add new hardware". Note that here is the shutdown and then start, rather than restart. In general, the problem can be resolved after a reboot.

3, right click on "My Computer" ---- "Properties" --- "Hardware" ---- "Device Manager", open the "sound, video and game controller" with or without problems, There is no yellow "?" If so, first uninstall it, and then into the CD drive disk, re-install the device driver. You can use the Tencent computer housekeeper - open the computer clinic - search the computer no sound - can be repaired directly, and very convenient.

4, if the "Device Manager" ---- "sound, video and game controller" is no sound card hardware, it had to find your sound card, including integrated sound card, the model must be accurate, after confirming to find the sound card, And then into the system driver disk, install the sound card driver.

This situation may be a sound card driver problem, it is recommended to use 360 drive master, re-install the sound card driver, so you can solve.

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