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Desktop Speaker Interaction

Shenzhen LS Technology Co.Ltd | Updated: Nov 02, 2017

When the sound coil of the loudspeaker is in the audio current, Desktop Speaker the sound coil generates alternating magnetic field under the action of the current, and the permanent magnet also produces a constant magnetic field with invariable size and direction. Since the size and direction of the magnetic field generated by the sound coil are constantly changing with the change of the audio current, Desktop Speaker such two magnetic fields interact to make the sound coil perpendicular to the current direction of the movement, because the voice coil and vibrating film connected, thus driving the vibrating film to produce vibration, from the vibration of the vibrating film vibration caused by the air vibration and sound. The greater the current of the input ring, Desktop Speaker the greater the force of the magnetic field, the greater the amplitude of the vibrating film, and the Louder the sound. The part of the speaker's treble is mainly in the center of the vibrating film, and the more the central material of the loudspeaker vibrating film is, the better the sound effect of its replay will be. The loudspeaker emits the bass part mainly in the vibrating film edge, if the loudspeaker's vibrating film edge is softer and the paper basin caliber is bigger, Desktop Speaker the loudspeaker emits the bass effect the better. In addition, the ball-top speakers in the recent market in the speakers used a lot. As you know, treble speakers because of the high frequency of their work, in the playback of the treble when the diaphragm in the permanent magnet of the magnetic path of the high-speed movement, so require the treble speaker of the diaphragm can be a rapid response to high-frequency signals. And can withstand high-speed movement of the air pressure, Desktop Speaker so for the production of vibrating film materials require light quality, and have enough strength.

The difference between the material used in the loudspeaker and the manufacturing process will have an impact on the sound quality, in contrast, the quality of the speaker unit is more critical, the final driver is the speaker unit, all sounds from this, if the speaker unit sound is not ideal, Desktop Speaker then how to decorate and repair the speaker can not play a big role.

Line Array speaker system is currently the most professional audio products in one of the most technical category. Several major international brands of the full size of the dominant line array loudspeaker product update frequency slowed down, the speaker line array related core technology has become mature. Desktop Speaker But there are many new technologies and new products around the line array loudspeaker system, so the loudspeaker line array technology is still an important core technology in the professional audio products.

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