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Why Choose Wireless Speaker

Shenzhen LS Technology Co.Ltd | Updated: Feb 08, 2017

Music can elevate any experience, whether you’re on a scenic drive or relaxing poolside. That said, it’s not worth bothering with a speaker system that is too heavy, bulky or at risk of death by splash — and forget about dealing with cords in your backyard or local public pool.

The best wireless speakers manage to find a balance between portability, weight, sound, durability and, of course, price. The team at SpecOut compiled a list of the top 25 waterproof portable speakers for the upcoming summer months.

Our methodology was simple. Every entry on the list had to be portable as intended for use, offer optional battery-power functionality, be water resistant and have a currently available price. We’ve ranked the list from lowest to highest Smart Rating, a SpecOut-calculated composite score that factors in expert ratings, features and connectivity, and sound quality.

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