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Sports bottle manufacturers to decrypt a hundred mountain mineral water advertisement behind the story

Shenzhen LS Technology Co.Ltd | Updated: Nov 22, 2016

Haven't read this ad, it was modelled on the 1650 in Stockholm Street thing. 2 Descartes met 18 of Sweden Princess Christina, Descartes down, down and out, is not willing to ask for alms every day just holding a broken pen research math paper. One day Christine carriage passing by the street, find Descartes was in mathematics, the Princess would get off asking, finally, Descartes found Princess to be a mathematical genius. Saying goodbye after a few days, Descartes received notification, the King asked him to do Princess Christine's math teacher. After a few years, 34 years of Descartes in love with Christine, found and killed the King of Descartes. In the end Descartes appears in a letter to Christine r=a (1-sin θ) mathematical coordinates equations, solve it is a heart-shaped pattern, is known as the "heart line". This letter was included in the European Descartes Museum, replaced in the commercial concept that this hundred year old mountain water to alternative love letters, meaning "classical, romantic, unforgettable and impressive." -You are the hundred mountain ... ...

Lastly ridicule over hundred years old mountains, mineral water, bottles and ugly rather than changing our sports water bottles, practical and economic security.

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