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Poor quality youth sports? Schools and parents may wish to buy a sports bottle

Shenzhen LS Technology Co.Ltd | Updated: Nov 22, 2016

Today's students, living conditions are OK, but fitness is declining. According to the author read relevant reports concluded that today's students in endurance and upper body strength than earlier after the $literal generation. After all, in the past, although many of the students eat bad wear well, even some malnutrition, student than it is now, but not like this long, long body. Or is there more obese children. Faced with this situation, the school and parents what to do? Might as well buy a bottle to go and get them up and running.

Cultural achievements, ignoring physical exercise, which is not uncommon in the parents and students.

"Now children is great, but like a porcelain doll, can not withstand the collision, the reason is the lack of students ' physical exercises. "The municipal Academy of social sciences, sociology expert Sun Yuanming believes that" today, society, family pursuit of academic achievement and insufficient emphasis on physical training in General. ”

"The lack of family health care for children, are also important reasons of the students ' lack of movement. "Fu Jen Catholic high school physical education teacher in Chongqing Shi Xiaoqian considered, on the one hand, most of today's primary and middle school students are one-child parents spoil, not allowing children to do household chores, to buy a car. Some parents give their children supplements do not have a scientific diet. In addition, the number of children addicted to video games, do not love sports, and parents are often simple preaching, lack of "model". Even simple take a sports bottle to run are not able to do.

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