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Outdoor sports water bottles to buy knowledge

Shenzhen LS Technology Co.Ltd | Updated: Nov 22, 2016

1. see certification need note movement Kettle whether through related of certification, first see manufacturers whether through ISO9001:2000 quality system certification, through strictly certification of manufacturers from production manufacturing, and quality management of system aspects on can put an end to many problem of produced; second, products export United States need through United States drug supervision authority (that FDA) of detection and certification; export European need through Germany technology supervision Association (that TUV) of detection and certification; addition, Also to see domestic of related detection and certification: currently domestic of detection and certification in many aspects of standard compared Yu than abroad, also to more strictly some, is is important of reference: most basic of is have through national quality technology supervision Council of detection, also has is national sports supplies quality technology supervision detection center of specifically of detection, also also has national disease prevention control center of detection.

2. see details good of movement Kettle, if carefully observation, in details Shang will some obviously of performance: good of movement Kettle surface and internal will is flat, no threadbare, and sparkling, and SAG or because impurities and caused of raised; pot body of silk printing pattern printing color uniform, and edge clear, and color accurate, and attached firm, and no stains; addition in lid Shang, because material of different, will in color, and gloss and texture Shang different, can feel to quality more high, some brand also will in lid Shang and kettle bottom has logo.

3. the price if you think the above identification problems, the difficulty is too high, then the easiest way is to look at the price: reliable, high quality sports bottle will cost, the price is not too cheap.

4. brand, only a sports water bottles the products pass a public examination is trustworthy.

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