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MG-V polar bottle, adventure and extreme weather

Shenzhen LS Technology Co.Ltd | Updated: Nov 22, 2016

For high-altitude mountaineering and polar explorers, are under extreme cold, energy, temperature is very important, temperature life, even life!

Listed MG-V stainless steel temperature in August this year the polar water bottle with compared favourably with foreign brands, excellent, excellent thermal insulation properties, breaking the domestic high-altitude mountain climbing, polar expeditions drinking ware monopolized by foreign brands, high-altitude mountain climbing enthusiasts, polar exploration until a new selection!

MG-V polar water bottle because of the special vacuum insulation technology and processes, thermal insulation effect is very good, tested, 20-25 ℃ ambient temperature environment filled with boiling water, about 6 hours after the water temperature 80 ℃, can still brewed green tea, coffee, porridge, stew noodles, was a cinch.

Reverse the cooling effect of polar motion kettle is also very prominent, filled with ice in the ambient environment, completely melted into water an average of 72 hours; the water temperature rose from 3 c to 20 c, average cold for about 60 hours. General oral temperature of 36.3 ¡æ ~37.2 ¡æ, can easily enjoy cool, refreshing feeling!

MG-V polar water bottle shape using the MG-V product series consistently minimalist design, simple, compact, and kettle body Center of gravity set a ring groove, easy to take and hold. Polar water bottle with special straps, straps with buckle in a dangerous situation, you can blow on the buckle survival whistle for help.

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