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Marathon ought to carry sports bottle most appropriate

Shenzhen LS Technology Co.Ltd | Updated: Nov 22, 2016

A marathon is a test of physical and spirit of a large outdoor strenuous exercise, we often see some tragedy in the marathon, but still cannot reduce the popularity of the tournament. Hong Kong Marathon in the following figure, attracting a total participation of professional and amateur 7.3W. In the game, water is a critical step, in order to prevent water caused by too many people crowded and slippery, the author suggests that amateur players choose to bring their own sports bottle.

But this bottle is elegant, ordinary one in a lot of inconvenience in hand, fold water bags are also not well suited. This time I suggest you'd better choose a slot above the belt, which can place a lot of small kettle. But also to cool their bodies. This small bottle can choose silicone material, lightweight, can be folded extrusion. Easy to carry. Most important is that we must choose a suitable weather to attend. Wet weather affected the sweat evaporate, increase the risk of cramps and dizziness, increased cardiac load, even heart disease, while runners inhalation of suspended particles in the air can irritate the lungs, leading to heart disease. While the General Assembly had called for runners not to track the self timer, but there is still a lot of people take out photo cell phone as he ran, even sent the "self portrait artifact", someone picked up off the ground telephone collides with rear runners, both fell.

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