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Limited Edition sports bottle is lost, security greatly

Shenzhen LS Technology Co.Ltd | Updated: Nov 22, 2016

The morning of January 31, Baoan district power Sports Association President Hu Qimiao will side with "virtue rewarded" banner to the Iron Mountain Parks Management. In an event, a member's wallet and limited edition bottle accidentally lost, it has more than 2000 Yuan in cash, but on the same day by an Iron Mountain Park security guard who found the originals back.

The morning of the 14th of last month, power sports associations in the Iron Mountain Park health embarked on a 10 km walk. A member found his wallet, we will help in the search, but for a long time was not found. Iron Mountain Park Management mobile patrol teams in the mountain time, found the roadside one tourist took a look around. Experienced Ding Ju Mong asked the security guard, the tourists said their next to the green belt, picked up a wallet and a sports bottle.

Ding Ju Mong Kok holds the purse back to the booth, Captain Li Haican report for the first time, and heads of administration. Everyone opens his wallet under the camera, checking, and also compiled a list of. "We should be careful, this is work. "Ding Juwang said. Meanwhile, Iron Mountain Park management also received the visitors lost wallets and sports water bottles the information, verifying identity, the wallet back in the day.

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