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Energy conservation standards for lighting

Shenzhen LS Technology Co.Ltd | Updated: Nov 22, 2016

1, Shanghai local standard of the lighting equipment of the rationality of electricity usage in standard (DB 31/178-1996).

2, Beijing standard technical specification for the green lighting project (DBJ 01-607-2001).

3, national standards of the architectural lighting design standard (GB50034-2004).

4, other standards. In recent years China has promulgated the General lighting of self-ballasted fluorescent lamps, double-capped fluorescent lamps for general lighting, general lighting with single-capped fluorescent lamps, high pressure sodium, metal halide lamp efficiency standards and tubular fluorescent lamps, ballasts for high pressure sodium lamps, metal halide lamps energy-efficiency standards, respectively, have their own limited values of energy efficiency and rating criteria of energy efficiency.

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