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Deal road, sport bottles to help

Shenzhen LS Technology Co.Ltd | Updated: Nov 22, 2016

Recently, an ironic thing happened in Sichuan. Please refer to the news "Sichuan people smoked bacon EPA says is the source of air pollution." Reference network Shang of a article comments: family Sichuan people smoked has more than 100 years of bacon has, today said into has sources, understand points meteorological common sense of are know must reached long-term of large of dust diffusion to caused fog haze weather, currently can formed this conditions of only highway Shang of car emissions real and factory has, EPA of cadres absolute is by relationship up of, certainly no learning! There are disposable plastic garbage incineration, brought harm is great, if everyone choose a healthy and safe sport bottles, plastic lunch boxes, it will reduce the use of disposable plastic products. To reduce environmental pollution in the true sense.

Now pollution is mainly focused on top of garbage and illegal enterprises, as long as it is related to the safety of the consumers of products, Xin Yue Tang as a professional manufacturer of sports bottle manufacturers is very concerned. In order to tackle the problems of water pollution to consumers, our company specializes in the production of the safety filter Kettle with water purification function, reduce the use of disposable water bottles, designed outdoor portable silicone water bottle. But it does not solve them at all, only if everyone has a green living heart, growing environmental problems can be solved. If they did, others did not, buy a bottle.

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